About the Journal

AL MISBAH Research Journal (ARJ) is an International Periodical for Islamic Studies and Arabic Linguistics & Literature.

AL MISBAH is a peer-reviewed, open access, quarterly, tri-lingual (Arabic, Urdu, English) research journal with occasional special issues, published by Research Institute of Culture and Ideology (REINCI).

It covers all areas of Faith, Society, Arabic Linguistics & Literature and their connections with other disciplines of learning: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Tech Sciences, Business and Education and enjoys a good international reputation among scholarly Journals.

The contributors to AL MISBAH include some of the most eminent scholars and thinkers of World. This Journal brings together many of today’s most innovative and distinguished thinkers, making their research and commentaries available not just to specialists but to a wider audience of globally concerned readers in three Languages.

Academia & Intelligentsia of the universities & other spheres are always invited & welcome to contribute their unique research findings & writings.