• Huma Yousaf M.Phil, Department of Islamic thought and Civilization, University of Management and Technology, Lahore https://orcid.org/0009-0005-1911-1899
  • Umme Hani Gulfam M.Phil, Department of Islamic thought and Civilization, University of Management and Technology, Lahore




Palestine, Refugees, Israel, Jewish State, Hamas .


Today's Muslims are engulfed and conquered globally as a result of the malicious intent of their conquerors. They are now referred to as the world's downtrodden people. Given that Palestine is a contentious topic involving Muslims, Christians, and Jews, these colonialists specifically target the Muslims living in Palestine. For all of them, it is a holy and precious location. In addition to considering this land to be their inheritance, Jews have long attempted to establish themselves thereby oppressing Palestinian Muslims, according to their political and social self-interests. The Muslims of Palestine are continuously subjected to oppression by the unlawful Israeli (Jewish) state in Jerusalem. These Palestinian Muslims are also referred to be the world's persecuted people because of their oppression. The issue of persecution in Palestine is becoming increasingly widespread these days. Muslims are being killed by Israelis (Jews) and are being forced to flee this nation. Nowadays, Palestinians are immigrants who are fleeing various nations, but regrettably, they are also in difficulties and in appalling conditions. They just lack agency and are even denied their most fundamental rights. In light of this circumstance, a quick overview of the past and current of Palestinian Muslim persecution is provided in this article.


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